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Plans for 90 Homes Are Submitted

PL52 3d visual 121106
PLANS for 90 homes in Mabe, 36 of which will be affordable, have been  submitted to Cornwall Council.CSA architects have drawn up the scheme for Taylor Wimpey Exeter, Treliever  Developments Ltd and Elstrad Ltd.

A mix of two-bedroom apartments and two, three and four-bedroom houses are  planned for “two grass paddocks” running alongside the A39 between Treliever and  Asda.

Also included in the plans are 54 open-market properties.

CSA said it will address a need for affordable housing  identified by Cornwall Council.

However, it has received a number of objections, with concerns about a  proposed entrance near Treliever roundabout, increased traffic and loss of a  greenfield site among the reasons.

There is also a question mark over the actual need.

Among comments left on the Cornwall Council website, resident Patricia Barnes  said: “The access is too near to the roundabout to be safe.

“There is no evidence that local people are queuing up to live in Mabe or are  even able to afford to live in Mabe. To build on a green site is not  justified.”

Faye Bastian said: “When the existing flats have been put on the market it  has taken a very long time for them to sell, surely this shows more houses here  are not needed.

“Mabe is a small village with too much traffic as it is and Treliver road is  difficult and overcrowded.”

The application has yet to be discussed by Mabe Parish Council.

From: West Briton, 1st November  2012

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