St George's Hill, Perranporth

CSA Commended

Truro-based CSA Architects has been commended on its designs that secured planning permission for a new development at St George’s Hill, Perranporth.

The project will create 16 new homes, half of which will be affordable.

MD Justin Dodge commented: “CSA’s landscape and urban designer worked together with the design team to create a scheme that’s sensitive to its environment.

“It’s equally as important to us that the affordable housing utilises the same materials and high quality of design as the open market housing.

We feel privileged to have been commended by the planning committee for our plans. Perranporth has an acute need for affordable housing and we’re pleased to be involved in a sensitive, creative solution.”

From: Business Cornwall February 16th 2012

St George's Hill, Perranporth

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