Renovated Farmhouse – Mawnan Smith

CSA Ref:- 2331

To re-use an existing building often represents a significant challenge. In this instance, the Farmhouse was our client’s family home where their parents had lived and she had been brought up, so there was enormous sentimental attachment and value. In some instances, this limits what can be done to a property, for fear of changing it significantly, but we were delighted to work with an open minded client who embraced and relished the opportunity to leave their mark on the history of this farmhouse, to reinstate it as the centre of the working farm.

The existing building is a nicely proportioned Victorian Farmhouse. CSA were commissioned to provide a complete makeover and renovation of the existing building, together with contemporary additions/extensions to make it function as family home. This presented an opportunity to combine and express old and new, with a traditional overhaul of the existing stone walls and windows, but to add extensions, to be obviously, visually of their time. This was achieved using natural timber cladding, with a variety of textures and compositions, to create a tactile texture and pattern, to complement the existing building fabric. In addition the building was opened-up internally, to remove internal corridors and partitions, to maximise the available space and natural light. A new stairwell was created including a new, modern contemporary timber and glass staircase, set within a glazed atrium. The renovated Farmhouse is a testimony to its owners, who have given it a new lease of life and imprinted their own personality into it; the way every bespoke project should be.

CSA provided full architectural services from concept to completion, which was achieved with handover in October 2012.